LeanPro Trainings

LeanPro Trainings
LeanPro Trainings

Mick Michael Park, 180 Charles St
West Perth WA 6005



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We guide our clients with competence and confidence in the profession of Agile Coaching. This is done by catalyzing and evoking the development of Agile Coaches, mentoring and combining education. We provide transformational and rich programs and also leadership in the emerging field of Lean Trainings and Agile Coaching.

Design thinking
We will help you gather great ideas to establish features and functions that will allow your team to solve problems.

Kanban Boards
We help you plan and configure your enterprise Kanban boards that can help your business grow and deliver more value.

CFD Reporting
We help you monitor your Cumulative Flow Diagram which shows their distribution along the different process stages.

Business model
We help you setup a business model. It explains which consumer pain your company chooses to relieve.

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