CLPM Workshop for final certification

Type of Event: Training for IBQMI® Certified Lean Project Manager®


Course Overview

The topics of our training covers:

Project management from a classical view
Lean definitions, a deep dive
Benefits of Lean Project Management
Advanced Lean Project Management Principles
The Four Values of Lean Project Management
The Twelve Principles of Lean Project Management
Organizational Transition and Evolution
The evolution from waterfall to lean project management
A comparison of defined and empirical models
The role of the project plan
The triangle of constraints in lean project management
Explaining the traditional phases
Explaining lean project management phases
Initiating a Lean Project
Elements of a product vision
Requirements Gathering and User Stories
Planning process and activities in lean project management
Iteration planning activities
Creating the Iteration Backlog
Schedules and Buffers in Lean project management
Calculating a project buffer
Iteration planning for complex projects
Getting buy-in from stakeholders
Organizational structure and culture
Lean project management Practices for Initial Adoption
Requirements definition
Deploying lean project management in the organization
Monitoring, Controlling, and Reporting
Monitoring Iteration Progress
Monitoring tools
Monitoring and Reporting Release Progress
Interpreting project release information
Measurement and Improvements
Improving Team Performance
Identify and fix problems
The Agile Team
Managing distributed Agile Teams
Strategies for overcoming challenges

Learning objectives

You will learn the ability to adapt to the various internal procedures of the client and form close links with the nominated representatives, which is essential in ensuring that the key issues of cost, time, quality and, above all, client satisfaction can be realized. Lean project management provides truly lean approaches to project management. You will also learn how to prioritize work, manage issues with lean methods, lead teams, and negotiate with stakeholders.

Details about this Event

  • Final exam

    Training for IBQMI® Certified Lean Project Manager®
  • Price

    3800 AUD

    LeanPro Trainings
  • Date

    11/19/2019 | 11/21/2019

Location details

Location of CLPM Workshop for final certification in West Perth

Mick Michael Park
180 Charles Street
West Perth, WA 6005


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Training for IBQMI® Certified Lean Project Manager®
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