Kanban-Training with certification

Type of Event: Training for IBQMI® Certified Kanban Coach®

Course Overview

- Foundations and goals of Kanban
- Kanban card
- Push and pull principle
- The central production control and the differences to the production control according to Kanban
- The Kanban Classes (Material Kanban, Signal Kanban, Transport Kanban, Limited Kanban)
- Advantages in the economic application of Kanban
- Impact of Kanban on physical processes
- Process improvement and cost reduction
- Inventory and missing parts analysis
- Interface analysis to cross-functional departments
- Obstacles to the introduction of Kanban

Learning objectives

Kanban refers to a system for detecting weaknesses in the material flow in logistics. It is an important method in the production process control. A significant feature of Kanban is the reduction of products in the warehouse. With the help of the kanban (Japanese: note or card) parts are purchased exclusively on a just-in-time basis, ie only when the material is really needed (demand-oriented system). The goal is to control the entire value chain cost-optimally.
In this seminar, you will learn the basics and principles of the kanban in order to implement them in your own company for the purpose of a demand-oriented system.

Details about this Event

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    Training for IBQMI® Certified Kanban Coach®
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    M&S Consulting
  • Date

    06/18/2018 | 06/19/2018

Location details

Location of Kanban-Training with certification in Steingaden

3 Marie-Eberth-Straße
Steingaden, BY 86989


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Training for IBQMI® Certified Kanban Coach®
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