Certified Kanban Coach Training

Type of Event: Training for IBQMI® Certified Kanban Coach®

Course Overview

1.Kanban & Kanban Systems
2.Origin and history
3.Toyota’s six rules
4.Kanban in project management
5.Implementing Kanban
6.The three-bin system
7.Push systems vs pull systems
8.Kanban Board & Cards
9.WIP limits
10.Reporting and Analysis
11.Kanban Metrics
12.Little’s Law
13.Cumulative Flow Diagrams
16.Definition of a value stream
17.continuous improvement
18.Kaizen Culture
20.Useful takeaways for final examination

Learning objectives

You will learn what Kanban is, how it operates, and what advantages it offers compared to other approaches for managing product development. You will also gain a solid understanding of advanced subjects, will learn how to apply Kanban to various scenarios, and will be exposed to case studies and existing best practices.

10 places available

Details about this Event

  • Final exam

    Training for IBQMI® Certified Kanban Coach®
  • Price

    500$ CAD

    Eric Boulanger
  • Date

    11/23/2018 | 11/23/2018

Location details

Location of Certified Kanban Coach Training in Ville de Québec

350 Rue Franquet
Ville de Québec, QC G1P 4P3


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Training for IBQMI® Certified Kanban Coach®
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